Spirituality, Leadership and Management – hop on board!

How do we bring a sense of the spiritual – the integration of the worlds beyond this one into our everyday lives, the linking between physical reality and our higher, deeper, greater selves – into professional practice, business, negotiations, life?


The Yarra River

When conventional religions have let us down and so much of politics is bunk, a new era of leadership requires our creativity. Inspired by the world of ideas, the possibilities inherent in the human mind and body and heart and soul and spirit, and our innate sense of what’s right, combined with the traditional wisdom that continues to speak to us from the earth and the stars and the people who have kept listening, we can forge new meaning with depth and reliability.

Being part of this movement means walking the talk, accepting the challenges of a world that all too often defers to an orgy of meaningless consumption, and speaking out – both against this corporate desolation, and for the incredible, marvelous array of ground-breaking (and ground-nurturing!) actions taking pace across the planet right now. We are part of the critical mass, which is crystallising around an emergent understanding of the potential of the human race to evolve into a better species; one that takes care of its home, even after it has developed high technologies (which bring so much danger with so much promise!).



I’m proud to be part of the team that is bringing this work to Australia, in the form of the SLaM (Spiritual Leadership and Management) conference to be held in Sydney, August 21-23. “Mind in the Matter; What is Mindfulness in Business and Professional Life” promises to hold all participants in a space that is generative and supportive; and that takes us all through the stages of deep inquiry and carries the gifts of such work back into the field of everyday life. It is with love and gratitude – and professionalism and expertise – that i will facilitate the “Programmed Strand” of workshops, alongside a gifted team of committed practitioners. To ensure the most profound spirit of transformation possible, it will take place as a 2 and 1/2 day retreat at Wiseman’s Ferry, where we will immerse ourselves in the work and find truer, clearer connection to ourselves, our community, and our planet in this time of need.

See the website here for more information; and below is a copy of the Newsletter outlining the theme and flavour of the conference. It is beautifully written by Susie Goff, current President of SLaM. It would be wonderful to see you there. Please feel free to explore this exciting field of endeavour.

And please share this opportunity with anyone, or any organisation, you think might be able to make it to the conference, or who might be able to let more people know about it.

Keeping it real, Geoff Berry (White Fella Dreaming).


4 thoughts on “Spirituality, Leadership and Management – hop on board!

  1. “When conventional religions have let us down and so much of politics is bunk…” Not trying to be confrontational — you know I dig your blog and read all your posts — but that sentence’s sentiment is below your usual maturity level. Any religion or political philosophy, when practiced conventionally, will yield conventional results. Religions and political philosophies, when warped by greed and human frailty, will always let us down. The relatively young religions of the New Age are already being made conventional, plastic shaman are selling snake oil left and right, and adherents of unconventional religions are showing up on the political scandal pages (like Theodist Dan Halloran who was convicted on corruption charges last year). Our letdowns are our own fault, and we’re never going to evolve, or even get better, until we face that fact and expect better from ourselves. Any religion or political philosophy infused with sincerity and love can change the world. It’s incumbent on us to breathe sincerity and love into everything we do.


    • Fair enough Robert! Thanks for the usual thoughtfulness. And you picked it – that line was actually paraphrased form something a publicist recently wrote about a doco film i am involved in – so i must have been tempted by the easy potshot there, rather than practicing my usual deep reflection before publishing. Well called.

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      • Thanks! Now then — I expect you to give me a nudge when I lose focus (and I know I will). Friends are like knife and stone: there may be friction, but stone keeps knife sharp, and knife scratches stone’s back!

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